Facts About Germs



Want to know where germs love to hang out? Here’s a few facts about what they enjoy and how to spoil their fun

Germs are in your home and office right now, and some can multiply as quickly as every 20 minutes

With 65% of office workers sharing phones and computers it’s worth considering how often you’re getting personal with these demons.

Dishcloths and sponges are another problem, since they hold moisture and we tend to use them for multiple tasks. The kitchen sink is a no-brainer and gets a lot of attention, but the taps get just as dirty after you have handled raw food, dirty dishes or been to the loo and then turn the water on and off. Other areas include the refrigerator door handle and cabinet knobs. When you really stop and think about it germs are unavoidable.

It’s easy to keep things clean. Soap and water. Bleach and water. Disinfecting wipes. Common sense really, however it needs to be done regularly and at a rate of multiplying every 20 minutes it’s not easy to keep on top of these frolicking little critters when you’re trying to work or run a family, but if you don’t they can make you ill.

By regularly having cleaners in to deal with the problem you can avoid illness from them and keep them away.

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